Hotel Tembo

Private. Hotel fittings

Completion of this 4 star hotel comprising buildings with shared basement for parking, and outside work, located on the beach front.

It has 210 rooms, a spa, conference rooms and a commercial area. There are also extensive gardens, play areas and swimming pools.

Other data

Housing type

Private. Hotel fittings


Hotel Fuerte Estepona Suites Spa
. Tourist-Hotel Ensemble.

Property - Promoter

Inversiones Tembo del Sol, S.A.


Avenida de Filipinas, 7, Distrito de Chamberí, Vallehermoso. Madrid.

Project Management

Mr. Luis Ángel Álvarez Alfaro – Architect – Project Manager

Mr. Alejandro Blanco Callejo – Architect – Project Manager
Mr. Fernando Morugán Lucas  – Building Engineer - Site Manager.
Ms. Raquel Rodríguez Hernández – Building Engineer – Site Manager.

Construction years


Execution time

7 months


10.21 million euros

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