107 Dwellings Lomas del Marqués

Private development.

Development of 107 dwellings, located in the middle of the Costa del Sol golden triangle, surrounded by various golf courses and close to commercial areas and a school.

Comprising 9 blocks of 12 dwellings each, except for the buildings corresponding to staircases 1-2 and 17-18 which have 11 and the building for staircases 3-4 which has 13 dwellings.
The dwellings have a ground floor, two upper floors and loft above ground level and a parking basement below ground with 131 parking spaces and a total of 118 storage rooms.
The ensemble also has shared public areas with two open air swimming pools and a bar-snack bar.

Other data

Housing type

Private development.


107 multi-family dwellings in Benahavís

Property - Promoter

Criber, S.A.


Parcela PM-3 Capanes Sur 1. Benahavís. Málaga Province.

Project Management

Mr. Hugo Torrico Camacho –Architect– Project Manager
Mr. Sergio Villena Ponsoda – Building Engineer – Site Manager
Mr. Jesús Gallego Peinado – Building Engineer – Site Manager

Construction years

2004 – 2006

Execution time

24 months


17.10 million euros

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