Las Mesas Water Tank & Park Estepona

Private. Infrastructure.

Construction of a water tank and a park in Las Mesas area of Estepona.

In the SG R3 South “Antonia Guerrero” sector we have built a water regulation tank with a capacity of 15,000 m3, which will supply both the eastern and central areas of the municipality, as well as the new urban developments in the Las Mesas area of Estepona. Simultaneously, a 16,500 m2 public park has been built, of which we have executed the first phase. The park is located north of the Port of Estepona, between Letonia and Tres Banderas streets, and offers a green and recreational space for the enjoyment of citizens.
The new tank, with a rectangular floor plan, consists of two vessels with interior dimensions 34.05 by 44.10 meters and has a water depth of 5 meters. The tank has been built of concrete in situ with independent supply and outlet, from the rear in the first case and from the valve chamber for the outlets.
The park is made up of green and landscaped areas, with squares, stands, playgrounds and a large artificial lake. The lake has been configured into four levels that are joined by three waterfall-shaped waterfalls, with a total height difference of 4 meters. The lake also has two water features and a water supply at the top that generates a laminar waterfall in the different waterfalls.
This park is called Parque de La Hermandad, in recognition of the social work carried out by the different Holy Week brotherhoods in the city. It is located in one of the fastest growing areas of the city within its urban center.
To build the park, the first thing that has been done is to fill in the old existing and disused reservoir, using land from the excavation of the new Las Mesas water reservoir. In this way, these lands have been used to prepare the area to undertake the second phase of construction of the park.
In the park, native, shrubby, perennial, groundcover and climbing species have been planted on an area of about 3,700 square meters, between lakes and slope areas, to provide naturalness and color to the complex. Forest areas have also been designed on the steep slopes facing east and southeast, with trees of Mediterranean origin for greater soil coverage and to avoid surface erosion, as well as palm trees and other related species in the wetter areas.

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Housing type

Private. Infrastructure.


Las Mesas Water Tank and Park, Estepona.

Property - Promoter

Hidralia Gestión Integral de Aguas de Andalucía, S.A.


Location: SG R3 South Sector “Antonia Guerrero”, Las Mesas area, Estepona (Málaga).

Project Management

Mr. Pedro Martín – Architect – Project Director
Mrs. Auxiliadora Pérez – Building Engineer – Project Execution Director

Construction years

2022 – 2023

Execution time

6 months.


2,69 million euros, approx.

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