Villa María Buchinger

Private. Hotel fittings.

In November 2012 we finished the new building, "Villa María", located on an adjoining lot with 37 rooms.

It was also done the construction of a spa and gymnasium in an annexe.Maximum quality in execution and finishes.

Other data

Housing type

Private. Hotel fittings.


Building for hotel-healthcare use.

Property - Promoter

Clínica Buchinger S.A. Helmuth Wilhelmi


Rocío de Nagüeles Housing Development. Marbella (Málaga Province).

Project Management

Ms. Lis Melgarejo – Architect – Project Manager
Mr. Jesús Martín Rojas – Building Engineer – Site Manager
Mr. Sergio Villena Ponsoda – Building Engineer – Site Manager

Construction years

2010 - 2012

Execution time

22 months


5.30 million euros

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