232 Dwellings Tabacalera II

Private development.

232-dwelling building on the Málaga seafront promenade.

With a special mention for the special projected foundations in order to achieve three underground parking levels, up to 10 metres in depth, with a very superficial phreatic level, where screen walls were produced with anchor points at three levels and pile foundations combined with foundation screens with continuous tile finish.

Other data

Housing type

Private development.


232 Multi-family dwellings "Tabacalera II”

Property - Promoter

Viviendas de Málaga Vimasur S.A. (Grupo Urvasco)


Urb. Tabacalera II, PERI LO-16 Tabacalera II, parc. M1 y M2, Paseo Marítimo Antonio Machado, C/ Pacífico. Málaga

Project Management

Mr. Francisco Javier Higuera Yela – Architect - Project Manager. Mr. Alejandro Pérez Martínez – Architect – Project Manager Mr. Francisco Ceballos Cerezo – Building Engineer – Site Manager.
Construction dates

Construction years

2006 – 2007 – 2008

Execution time

28 months


20.19 million euros

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