79 VPO Jaén

Public subsidised development.

The 79 dwellings are the first to have been handed over of the 8 developments that EPSA started together in this area of expansion of the city of Jaén.

Above ground floor area is 8,994.86 m² and on the only parking floor (level -1) 81 garage spaces have been produced on 1,851.63 m² of floor area.
The building, which is ground floor + 5 comprises 73% of the dwellings with 4 bedrooms. As a highlight we should say that the choice of finish materials puts the quality of this development on a level with other free price developments in the area.

Other data

Housing type

Public subsidised development.


79 officially subsidised dwellings in Jaén

Property - Promoter

Empresa Pública de Suelo de Andalucía (EPSA).


Plots RC-6 “D” and “F”, 3rd Phase of the SUNP-1. Jaén.

Project Management

Mr. Antonio Bandrés Marín – Architect – Project Manager
Mr. Rafael Aceituno Baza y Otros UTE – Building Engineers – Site Managers

Construction years

2009 – 2010

Execution time

15 months and 3 weeks


5.24 million euros

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