Cascada de Camoján Housing Development

Detached single family dwelling

Contemporary style villa with its pure straight lines which applies wisdom in the mix with other styles drawn from the Orient, and which scatter the villa with wonderful pieces of craftsmanship acquired on the owners' trips through China and Thailand.

Particularly impressive is the front door, in hand-carved teak, with its wooden walkway leading up to it, crossing a pool full of aquatic plants and brightly coloured fish, under a heavily carved Balinese teak porch.

Other data

Housing type

Detached single family dwelling


Oriental style detached single family dwelling located in Marbella

Property - Promoter

Private Client.


Cascada de Camoján Housing Development. Marbella (Málaga Province)

Project Management

Mr. Carlos Lamas – Architect – Project Manager
Mr. Jesús Martín Rojas – Building Engineer– Site Manager

Construction years

2011 – 2012

Execution time

12 months

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