Estepona Town Infrastructures

Public. Urban Infrastructures.

Action in 17 streets for infrastructure renewal with the town of Estepona, Málaga Province.
Completion of new infrastructures: separating networks for drainage/sewage and rainwater, laying of underground telephone and electricity lines, improvement of current water network and new gas network.

New public lighting network with Indalux street lamps, model Micenas, wall-mounted. Complete paving of the sector with 14,000 m2 of 20x10x8 cms black rustic paving stones in the street and prefabricated 60x40x4 cms salmon sandblasted concrete paving for the pavements.

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Housing type

Public. Urban Infrastructures.


Urban street infrastructure.

Property - Promoter

Estepona Town Council


Streets within the town, Estepona. Málaga Province.

Project Management

Mr. Francisco José Guerrero Márquez – Public Works Building Engineer – Project Manager
Mr. Eliseo Mena Cózar – Industrial Engineer – Project Manager.
Mr. Héctor J. Ruiz Hidalgo – Highway Canal and Port Engineer – Project Manager

Construction years


Execution time

9 months


3.15 million euros

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