La Cerquilla Housing Development

Detached single family dwelling

A single family dwelling predesigned from the stage when the project is drawn up according to the owner's wishes.

Façade with external coating in lime mortar plaster, micro-marble floor tiling and facing, rooms with two-layer flooring, premium level smart home automation facilities and insulation of surround finishes at above levels required by legislation. Exteriors with overflow pool and landscaped garden.

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Housing type

Detached single family dwelling


Single family dwelling in La Cerquilla Housing Development

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Private Client


La Cerquilla Housing Development, Nueva Andalucía (Marbella)

Project Management

Architect and Project Manager: Mr. Ernesto Palanco Bührlen
Building Engineer and Site Manager: Mr. José Bernardo Aguilar Mancebo

Construction years

2016 – 2017

Execution time

14 months

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