Completion of a modern villa in Sotogrande

On this occasion, we present the final result of the construction of a private villa in Sotogrande; an exquisite modern-style house that seeks to recover the traditional Andalusian farmhouse concept over a lush estate in this exclusive Cadiz enclave.

The design of the villa is articulated through a subtle movement of the various modules, creating different patios that connect exterior and interior in each room. This arrangement does not only maximise natural light and ventilation, but also provides a seamless transition between the internal spaces and the beautiful landscape surrounding the property.

Oriented to make the most out of the two breathtaking views on either sides, the villa offers a unique visual experience at every moment of the day. In the morning, east-facing rooms enjoy unobstructed views of the polo fields, while in the evening, west-facing rooms are bathed in the warm light of the Sotogrande sunset, creating a cosy and serene atmosphere.

Estudio Gómez-Garay, the author architecture studio of this luxury villa in Sotogrande, enhances the sense of being in nature by choosing natural materials that will acquire the same patina as the surroundings over time: the ribbed copper roof, the plaster vaults made with molds created on-site and finished in stucco, the red stone windowsills, the vestibules with reclaimed stone, and an entrance with hand-painted and hand-cut tiles that blend with the exterior landscape.

The wooden carpentry, with a latticework that varies throughout the project, allows controlling the level of privacy desired in each room. This careful approach not only ensures functionality, but also adds a layer of timeless sophistication and elegance to the overall villa design.

The final result of this master collaboration between B. Solís and the Madrid-based Estudio Gómez-Garay is a property that, although modern, still breathes the essence of traditional Andalusian architecture, offering a timeless and refined retreat for those seeking folklore, the elegant Sotogrande lifestyle and a genuine connection with nature.

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