Andalucía Car Park

Public. Infrastructure.

Construction of an underground public car park with a square on its roof, located in the very centre of the town of Coín in the province of Málaga, in the old Plaza de Andalucía.

The car park, with 343 spaces and with a total constructed area of 10,154.92 m², is on two floors below ground level and another two above ground level, thus adapting to the lie of the land, and respecting the basement sections of the buildings surrounding it. The foundations were made with 60 cm thick screen walls, embedded up to 5m deep under foundation tiles and anchored to the ground with three anchoring lines with lengths of up to 30 ml., and tensions of up to 90 T for each one. The structure is of two way reinforced concrete, with clearance between pillars of up to 7.50 ml.
To deal with the top surface of this car park, the choice has been to create a public square with various plantings of vegetation to ensure that the waterproofings created work better. This more dynamic design aims, above all, to encourage commercial development in the zone.

Other data

Housing type

Public. Infrastructure.


Underground car park and square-park at ground level.

Property - Promoter

Coín Town Council


Plaza Andalucía, Coín. Málaga Province.

Project Management

Mr. Fernando Gómez Huete – Architect – Project Manager
Mr. Gustavo A. Gómez Huete – Architect – Project Manager
Mr. Sergio Villena Ponsoda – Building Engineer – Site Manager
Mr. Manuel Germade Rodríguez – Building Engineer – Site Manager

Construction years

2006 – 2007

Execution time

11 months


4.44 million euros

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