Arroyo Antón Housing Development


With the aim of improving city planning development and access to the "Arroyo Antón" housing development, improvements have been made in the service road in this area.

To do this, it has been necessary to increase the size of the walkway, by replacing the current route with a "gull wing" beam, 30m in length. In addition, paving, landscape gardening, urban furniture and networks of fuel and services supplies for the housing development have been increased and improved.

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Arroyo Antón Housing Development

Property - Promoter



Arroyo Antón Housing Development, Estepona (Málaga)

Project Management

Architects and Project Management: Ms Lidia, Mr. David y Mr. Abelardo Bailón Arquitectos (BARMI DISEÑO S.L.P)

Construction years

2016 - 2017

Execution time

7 months


0.63 million euros

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