Cordoba Sports Centre

Private. Sports facilities.

Sports facilities on a 14,312.56 m² plot, located in Avenida Piconeros, belonging to the Plan Parcial RENFE.

The building has two sections, each one of 2 floors, ending in a transparent tower by way of a landmark. In the ensemble there is a water zone, comprising the swimming pool, steam baths, hydro-massage, sauna, together with extensive changing room areas. There are various activities, cardio and weight-training rooms, comprising a swimming pool, a padel court, infants' play areas, a gym equipment area for the elderly and a parking area with capacity for 213 vehicles. In addition, the building is prepared for the possibility of the future construction of commercial premises.

Other data

Housing type

Private. Sports facilities.


Building for sports use.

Property - Promoter

Go-Fit Córdoba, S.L.


Zona San Cayetano, plots 3.26 and 3.27 of the Plan Especial RENFE. Córdoba.

Project Management

Mr. Luis Ángel Álvarez Alfaro – Architect – Project Manager
Mr. Alejandro Blanco Callejo – Architect – Project Manager
Mr. Fernando Morugán Lucas – Building Engineer - Site Manager.

Construction years


Execution time

12 meses


4.8 million euros

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