Mirador del Carmen Center

Private. Infrastructure. Building for sociocultural use.

Construction of a sociocultural center in Estepona at the España Avenue, n.º 290 (Promenade).

The Mirador del Carmen Center, known as the Balcony to the Sea, is an impressive state-of- the-art cultural facility that has been designed to enhance the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea. Its objective is to offer citizens a multifunctional space where they can enjoy culture, leisure and nature. The com- plex includes a large library, a music conservatory, an auditorium for cultural events, an exhibition hall, the 360º lookout tower that provides panoramic views, a wide-open pedestrian area in front of the Pescadores neighbourhood and stepped parks that connect with the Fishing port from La Rada beach and through the gardens of the Lighthouse area.

Other data

Housing type

Private. Infrastructure. Building for sociocultural use.


Mirador del Carmen Center, Estepona.

Property - Promoter

Ayuntamiento de Estepona


Plot SG-R3-SU located at España Avenue, n.º 290 (Promenade), Estepona (Malaga province)

Project Management

Mr. Ignacio de la Hoz – Architect – Project Director
Mr. Luis Almécija - Architect - Project Director
Mr. José Jiménez – Building Engineer – Project Execution Director

Construction years

2021 – 2023

Execution time

19 months.


12,04 million euros, approx.

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