Paraiba Residencial

Development of Semi-detached Dwellings + 1 villa

“Paraiba Residencial” is an ambitious project of 5 luxury dwellings in the very heart of Marbella. 4 semi-detached dwellings and one villa with private pool for each dwelling and a jacuzzi in the villa, in a completely gated housing development.

Each dwelling has three floors and three bedrooms, flooring and bathrooms in Travertine marble and underfloor heating throughout. A luxurious residential development with premium quality materials, with attention to every last detail in design.

Other data

Housing type

Development of Semi-detached Dwellings + 1 villa


1 Detached Single Family Dwelling and 4 Semi-detached Single Family Dwellings, in Calle Hermanos Belón Lima.

Property - Promoter

Private Client.


Finca Huerta Belón, Street Hermanos Belón Lima (Marbella)

Project Management

Architect: Mr. Francisco Martínez Galván (Project Manager)
Building Engineer: Mr. Joaquín García Amado (Site Manager)

Construction years

2014- 2015

Execution time

15 months

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