Parish church of San Jose

Private. Infrastructure.

Building, with an area after extension of 1,670.49 m², fitted with new rooms for the San José Parish.
The ground floor houses the Church Sacristy, parish offices, store rooms and a Cáritas office. On upper floors there are multi-purpose classrooms, mainly designed for catechism teaching.

Highlights are the combination on the ventilated façade of polymer concrete, with a modern design mixed with traditional elements such as natural stone, coloured glass, stained glass and finishes in COR-TEN steel and oxidised copper.
There is also a annexe to the Parish Church building for a meeting hall and a columbarium. This project includes restoration of the façade of this place of worship with real cream natural stone. Of additional note is the combination of traditional and modern materials, along with the infographic design on the access ramp rail.

Other data

Housing type

Private. Infrastructure.


Building for religious use.

Property - Promoter

Málaga Bishopric.


Street corner Valencia with Galicia street, Estepona. Málaga Province.

Project Management

Mr. Luis Escarcena Gil – Architect– Project Manager
Mr. Sergio Villena Ponsoda – Building Engineer – Site Manager
Mr. Manuel Germade Rodríguez – Building Engineer – Site Manager

Construction years

2012 – 2013

Execution time

12 months


1.45 million euros

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