Laguna Alcazaba Lagoon Casares

Hydraulic Civil Engineering Work

A singular pioneer project in Spain, which has consisted of producing a new river course for the Arroyo de la Morra stream, and on the land of the old dried-up stream, creating a recreational artificial lagoon of about 18,000 m² and with 3 swimming pools, along with the development of the surrounding area.

The lagoon has been created with black PEAD membrane 2 mm in thickness. The filtering system is composed of gravel filters. Concrete structures were produced, both hydraulic structures, and also bridges and walkways.
This combination of navigable lake and swimming pools has been named "Alcazaba Lagoon".

Other data

Housing type

Hydraulic Civil Engineering Work


Navigable lake and set of 3 swimming pools

Property - Promoter



Located on the “Finca el Beneficiado” plot, next to the “Alcazaba Hills” Residential Development, within the town limits of Casares (Málaga Province).

Project Management

Architect and Project Manager: Mr. Hugo Torrico Camacho. Building Engineers and Site Manager: Mr. Sergio Villena Ponsoda and Mr. Mariano Martínez Teruel.

Construction years

2015 – 2016

Execution time

10 months


2.2 million euros, approx.

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