We participated as speakers at the Real Estate Conferences

At the beginning of this month, we participated as speakers at the Real Estate Conferences that accompanied the III Solidarity Paddle Tournament of the Real Estate Sector of the Costa del Sol. This event, organized by NVOGA Marbella Realty, achieved the participation of more than 140 companies. 

We participated as speakers at the Real Estate Conferences

Solidarity fundraising

The funds raised will go to the Building The Future Association, a part to the Rwenzori Child Care project through the WEFO association of Uganda to continue with the improvements of the Rwenzori Focus school in Uganda, specifically for the construction of a new pavilion and another part that was given to other local charities such as Ubuntu, Paula and the Marrow Factory, the Spanish Association Against Cancer of Estepona, the Cesare Scariolo Foundation and the Andalusian project with Ukraine through the Victoria Kent Association.

This year, the activities organized were as follows:

  • A friendly soccer triangle between the Spanish real estate sector vs the rest of the world vs veterans of C.D. Estepona held at the Estepona Athletics Stadium.

  • Paddle matches, which were played at the Villa Padierna Racquet Club facilities and were attended by 160 players.

  • A croquet master class.

  • Hot Fit Yoga classes. 

We participated as speakers at the Real Estate Conferences

We participated as speakers at the Real Estate Conferences

For yet another year, we collaborated as sponsors alongside other companies such as Concept Homes, Cordia, Urbania International, Exxacon, Heidi Gubbins, AEDAS Homes, LPA, Fundación La Caixa, Carmen Durán Comunicación, Idiliq Estates, Aalto, Sua Corp, Manuel Burgos, Savills, Pacaso, Kronos Homes, Fluent Finance Abroad, Somarsa, Alquimia, Rugue, Be Lagom, Bulthaup, JC&A Lawyers, Banús Rentals, Darya Homes, Via Celere, One Eden, Siematic, Vinylcolor or Manifesto Design, among others.

III Professional Conference of the Real Estate Sector

The III Professional Conference of the Real Estate Sector was held on the 3rd of June at the Felipe VI Auditorium in Estepona. They were inaugurated by the Mayor of Estepona City Council, Mr. José M.ªGarcía Urbano, and were attended by more than 400 professionals.

These began with the intervention of members of the LPA Real Estate Association, whose topics were the absolute sales record and the new challenges of the real estate market.This table was formed by Sergey Sinichikin, from Drumelia; Pía Arrieta, from DM Properties; Angela Schouten, from FM Consulting; Setareh Mohregi, from Gilmar and Jesús García, from Banús Rentals.

In the second part of the conference, issues such as the effects of the increase in construction prices, historical highs in material prices, lack of qualified labor and possible real estate bubble were discussed.The professionals who participated in this table were Rubén Solís, general manager of our company, Construcciones Bonifacio Solís S.L. (B.Solis); Javier Curto, from Concept Homes; Pablo Villarroel, from Villarroel Torrico; Ignacio Peinado, from ACP Málaga and José Félix Pérez-Peña, from Savills.

The conference closed with a more corporate aspect such as the importance of brands in the real estate sector. To address this issue, Massimiliano Ferrari, from Corporate Brand, was present; Juanjo Millán, from Wyndham Residences (Idiliq Group); Ziad El Khoury of Four Seasons; Ignacio Alonso, from Pacaso and Ignacio Pérez, from La Zagaleta.

Participamos como ponentes en las Jornadas Inmobiliarias

At Bonifacio Solís we are very proud to have collaborated one more year as sponsors of this magnificent event and also, on this occasion, as speakers at the Real Estate Conference. Don't forget to visit our blog to keep up to date with our news and projects.