196 Dwellings Sotogrande Marina

Private development.

Residential and commercial complex located in what is known as Ribera del Marlin within the Sotogrande Marina. A residential zone comprising 196 dwellings, extensive gardens, zones with outdoor pools and spa, as well as private car parks with storage rooms.

The commercial zone comprises 41 commercial premises located right on the seafront promenade, with a floor of public car parking comprising 315 spaces: it is to be noted that this floor of the complex is below sea level.

Other data

Housing type

Private development.


196 multi family dwellings in the Sotogrande Marina

Property - Promoter

Residencial Marlin S.L. (Grupo Inditex – Sotogrande)


Housing Development Sotogrande, plots 5 – 6/ P.2, San Roque. Cádiz Province.

Project Management

Mr. Adolfo Waisman – Architect – Project Manager
Ms. Inés Ramseyer – Architect – Project Manager
Mr. Julio M. Viciana Pérez – Building Engineer – Site Manager

Construction years

2006 – 2008

Execution time

28 months


80.97 million euros

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